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Huawei E5172 4G Router

Huawei E5172 4G Router



In situations where your E5172 4G Router is located in a position with a poor mobile network signal you can consider the option of connecting an alternative 4G Antenna to your router.

The optional LTE 4G Antenna should be located in a position where there is a good or strong 3G / 4G network signal and this stronger signal is then delivered along the antenna cable to the router.

The 3G / 4G Antennas are not Booster antennas and you would need to select a suitable antenna for the particular installation. For example if the router is located indoors where there is a poor signal or no 4G signal, but there is a good 3G/4G signal outdoors - you would use an outdoor 4G antenna located in a position where there is a strong signal and connect this to the router. Try to keep the antenna cable as short as possible. If possible try to locate the 4G Router where there is a strong signal and connect to your network with a longer CAT5e Ethernet Cable.

Another instance of using an alternative 4G antenna would be if the 4G Router was mounted inside a metal cabinet which blocked the 3G/4G signal, however, the room that the cabinet was located inside has a reasonable signal then you could use a Magnetic Mount Antenna on top of the cabinet to receive the 3G/4G signal inside the room and deliver this along the cable to router router installed inside the metal cabinet or enclosure.

The E5172As-22 4G router has a single SMA Antenna connector so you would need to use a single 3G/4G antenna.

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